Welcome to Santosh Reddy International School

Santosh Reddy School equips students to begin on a journey of academic and personal achievement by fusing traditional ideals into a modern, real-world environment.The school has developed a reputation for excellence by creating an environment that promotes growth, fosters creativity, exploration, and discovery. It is a place where children can find magic in their routine lives, expand their intellect, enjoy the gift of robust laughter, and develop a strong sense of integrity, compassion, and a spirit of giving.

"Shaping minds, touching lives, building second homes" is what we stand for.

Along with academic performance, we place a high focus on personality development and use a variety of creative approaches to instil strong values, creating responsible people and global citizens who are prepared for the future.The school has set its standards high, expecting the students to get good grades via consistent effort. Our school provides the ideal learning environment for students.

Who Are We?


The Santosh Reddy International School is an IIT Based, Residential & Day-scholar and AC Campus School in Hyderabad. One of the best educational institutions in the city to educate children for life to help achieve their dreams and thus bring abouta change in the society.


To educate young minds and foster ethical, social and moral values through holistic learning and groom them into responsible global citizens.


Our Mission is to provide the students with confidence and skills of a higher order, acquired through innovative learning and technology.


The Motto of “Santosh Reddy” School is to envision the students to become moral, empathetic, and socially responsible citizens of the country who are rooted to their culture and are ready to accept any new challenges with a fresh approach towards learning.

Why Santosh Reddy International School

Santosh Reddy School places a strong emphasis on the value of “Learning by Doing.” We think education ought to be engaging and useful. Through our multimodal learning, our teaching faculty bring out and develop your child’s innate talents, whether they are artistic, scientific, or linguistic.
  • IIT Focused School
  • Complete digitalization of School & Class rooms
  • Total AC Campus with well-furnished interiors
  • Corporate and Communication Skills
  • Per Class 20 Students Only
  • Day & Residential School
  • Nutrition Meal
  • Transport Facility

Nursery to 10th grade based on CBSE curriculum

Santosh Reddy School: An IIT Based, Residential, & Day-Scholar School in Hyderabad

Santosh Reddy International School is one of India’s top IIT based resident and day schools. We believe in enhancing the creativity minds of the students and changing their lives with the help of our professional teaching faculty and academicians.Hyderabad is where Santosh Reddy School had made its home. With cutting-edge infrastructure, intelligent classes, and a revised educational philosophy, we are reimagining education for the next generation.Santosh Reddy School’s Community is one of the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad thanks to its big community of students, instructors, and parents. Our vibrant learning environment proudly supports a multicultural and multilingual community of students and staff from across India.

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Unlock Admissions with Santosh Reddy International School and Let your Child Stand out

    Key Features of Santosh Reddy International School

    Engaging Curriculum

    Our CBSE Curriculum is inquiry-led and play based syllabus permits children to discover their world while learning valuable life skills. Our learners succeed under the nurturing and supportive care of our outstanding teachers.

    Digital Classrooms

    By integrating technology and multimedia resources in a considerate and planned way, students find every lesson thought-provoking, interesting and exciting. They also start learning digital and media literacy, which will make them socially responsible digital citizens in the future.

    Daily Diet

    Our Expert dietitians and nutritionists counsel students and parents on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits. Everyday diet plan is followed strictly based on the recommendations without any deviations, food service or nutritional programs are to help students to lead healthy lives. We provide healthy breakfast and lunch. We also provide a fruit every day.


    Our architecture of residential halls has significant impact on various aspects of students’ lives, especially on the quality of their education. The residential preferences of parents and children are considered affecting the architecture of dormitories for students. All the dimensions, service and welfare, location, privacy, landscape, flexibility, and materials with a positive and direct impact are completely taken care.

    Corporate Skills

    Some of the interpersonal abilities that are integral parts of corporate skills that are included in our curriculum are
    • Communication, Conflict resolution
    • Decision making
    • Leadership, Relationship building
    • Problem-solving
    • Teamwork / Collaboration
    • Negotiation and Listening

    Public Speaking

    Our Public Speaking curriculum will teach students to nail listeners like never before Your child will snip the attention every time they address an audience.

    Santosh Reddy School believes in ensuring 5 key skills

    Santosh Reddy School believes in ensuring 5 key skills in every student to make them successful in life such as
    WhatsApp Image 2023-11-18 at 12.37.16 PM
    Thinking Skills
    WhatsApp Image 2023-11-28 at 12.44.23 PM
    Conceptual clarity
    WhatsApp Image 2023-11-22 at 9.06.23 AM
    Communication Skills
    WhatsApp Image 2023-11-28 at 12.44.21 PM (1)
    Collaboration skills
    We place a lot of emphasis on safety and security as well. In a truly international sense, parents can monitor their children’s progress using a variety of tools, including online management software, SMS notifications, call centre services, and recurring teacher visits. We encourage parent and community involvement in our school and regularly host events and volunteer opportunities for families to get involved. If you are interested in learning more about Santosh Reddy International School, please feel free to contact us or schedule a tour of our campus. We look forward to welcoming you to our school community!

    Beyond Academic

    Students have endless opportunities to fulfill their potential beyond academics creative, intellectual and athletic through stimulating classes and comprehensive programmes.We believe in learning beyond boundaries for which regular field trips, Excursions, Visits and Heritage walks are arranged. Sports training and physical education are an integral part of our school curriculum. Orientation programmes, workshops and interactive sessions hold an important place in imparting knowledge.